5A 10A 15A 20A Battery Charger for Lead Acid & Lithium Battery

The charger can be used for a large diversity of battery types, such as starting, semi-traction, traction, GEL, AGM, Calcium, Spiral and lifepo4. The charger is suitable for many battery types because the charge voltages can be set.

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Connect the battery to the battery: the red cable to the + pole and the black cable to the– pole.Plug the power cord into a working mains power socket, or connect 220-240V AC to the system which the charger part of. The green power LED illuminates. The Charger will now start a new charging process. The red LED under “ charge process”will illuminate. If the green light under” charge process” illuminates or flashes, then the charging process has finished.This charger is a fully automatic battery charger and float charger in one and can be left connected to the mains power supply permanently. The microprocessor supervises the battery and the charge process continuously so that a very safe and accurate process can be guaranteed. The internal electronics comes from the latest developments, which resulted in an exceptionally intelligent battery charger.

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